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Lolaluna Sexy G-string

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Closed Mini G-string Lola Luna Lucylou Creme

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Eggshell / XL 14/16 UK
Delivery:  7 days
Size: XL 14/16 UK
Colour:  Eggshell
String with two white pearls in the center of two flowers on the front.
Beautiful floral embroidery.

For the XL, the delivery may vary and might be slighlty longer than indicated.

The g-strings by Lolaluna are created by a French designer who comes from the South of France.
He manufactures graceful and sexy g-strings. Sometimes sensual, always provoking and sometimes very gentle and adorned with jewellery or accesories, the Lolaluna g-string is always deliciously luxurious. Open or closed thong, mini g-string or micro g-string: Lolaluna remains the old designer of sexy g-strings.

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Collection:  Lucylou

Brand:  Lola Luna

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