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Hosiery for best shapes at Resille is providing you a hosiery collection in the fashion world bringing you the best. The collection molds the legs of every woman giving find sexy appearance and cosily of movement. Made from the best materials of lycra, microfiber or nylon that brings comfort and ease movement. The design includes many style perfect for special occasion and fashion giving every wearer. It accentuates the waist and controls the curves of hips and thighs bringing a visibly slimmer silhouette forming itself to the body like a second skin, correcting the problem areas of the waist and stomach, it ensures wearer not slide and wrinkle while being worn to give the best shape when wearing. If you have question, contact or email us at

Collants Collants Cette Bas & Collants Cambridge Collants Veneziana ISABELLA

Haute Couture Hosiery by Clio

Clio'S LEGACY For the last three generations in the heart of Southern France, clio has preserved and improved its precious craftsmanship following traditional craft methods: exclusive design, French manufacturing and top quality.

So, products such as the genuine seamed stockings require two hours worth of labour for a single pair, wich gives an exceptional finish.

By wearing Clio's hosiery, you will follow the footsteps of many celebrities . All the performers of the famous show in Paris wear the luxurious stockings by clio too.

Hosiery is making a bit come-back. Trendsetters like Sienna Miller are seen wearing stockings.

High time to unleash your inner celebrity!
Bas clio/bas

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